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Open and decentralized education options are finally becoming a reality. No doubt, these communities and platforms are in the early stages of existence and are in a steady state of flux as they get started, but decentralized, blockchain based education material is one of the most promising events of today.

No longer are we, as a society subject to the homogeneous, one size fits all non sense that the State pushes on our young minds or even older minds in search of further education.

If there was ever a thing to be Open Sourced. decentralized and accessable, education should be at the top.

The LBRY and Hive blockchains are leading the way with not only the tools we need to create this decentralized learning environment, but they are growing the communities as well. New projects and groups are showing up at incredible rates.

Even with the great growth we are seeing, there is always plenty of room for more people like you. You don’t have to be a developer or anything. There is always a place for you and your skill set. Even if it is just looking for the information you need – that helps the projects, too.


  • @SteemStem, and it’s website, curate and index science articles on the Steem blockchain. “SteemSTEM now intends to increase the usage of the Steem blockchain for science communication

The project encompasses all of the STEM subjects, such as: physics, chemistry, biology and geology. It also covers mathematics (including economics), engineering, and human sciences such as medicine, psychology and sociology.

The community is working hard to expand the content and the curation to increase the overall value of the articles. They have devised a three part system of review to ensure the highest quality, reliable and honest content – which also happens to be relatively free from censorship.

You can join the conversation and action at the SteemStem Discord:

  • @giantbear
  • @educationhive


We all know how valuable YouTube is for learning anything you want. In a lot of ways, it tremendously decentralized media. YouTube made it so that anyone could upload their content and anyone could benefit from that content. As we all know, however, YouTube is also a centralized corporation and lately they have been making that abundantly clear.

Now, we have the ability to control the content we produce and have access to. Welcome to an uncensorable, community controlled platform that you CANNOT be banned from.

One could say that the LBRY protocol/ blockchain is sort of like YouTube on steroids, but that is a terribly gross understatement. We can do really amazing things with the LBRY protocol already, and it has only just begun.

A new project that is working on putting Open Source material on the blockchain is Open Source LBRY.

Open Source LBRY Discord: is their most active portal. You can also find them on Twitter

What I would really like to see as these communities grow is more indexing and more curriculum developed. For example; lets say I wanted to learn journalism.

I would like to see, maybe on a Github like collaboration system, a full curriculum with links to various material which was designed by experts and able to change rapidly.

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