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The Philosophy: We Don’t Need Government Schooling.

First off, I would like to state that the traditional misnomer of “Public Education” is anything but. It is neither Public nor Education, but rather Government Schooling.

There is a huge difference, and it matters.

Horace Mann created Government Schooling in the United States with the implicit goal of forming better workers and obedient citizens. It was never the design to create better minds and creators. It is very important to understand why our compulsory schooling was built.

Massive Shifts In Education Has Already Begun.

A change away from the old paradigm has actually been happening for some time now, but it certainly seems to be accelerating. There are so many options now.

The good news is that the old, outdated, centralized system is crumbling. Now, new open and decentralized solutions are popping up organically to fill the voids.

It is clear, from school shootings and bullying to teacher’s unions, PTA problems, and so much more that government schools are a terribly toxic environment for our young minds and bodies.

Web3 Tools For Education

More innovation, community, accountability, and freedoms seem to be the trend lately, even in spite of all the terrible things mainstream wants us to believe.

Web2 technology really did pull us out of the rut we were in. For a while now, we have had tools like YouTube and more recently, other various online education platforms that have given us a-la-cate learning opportunities. Of course, the good of some of these platforms seems to have worn off.

Fortunately, web3 [open-source, decentralized technology] is here to take us to the next level. There is so much activity in the space as developers are solving problems in near realtime. This is the specific area that this project intends to spend the most effort investigating and hopefully assisting.

Where We Could Go Now.

We can do better. As I said above, we already are doing better, but it is so exciting to think of all the opportunities on the horizon.

Using the power of communities, we are already building more relevant educational opportunities. With the tools available now and more being rolled out regularly, this is increasing at a tremendous rate.

The endless leaching in the form of income taxes will be a hard battle to win, but it is coming. If we want true freedom, we need to detach from the government, but if we want real long-term success and innovation, we also need to become accountable for ourselves.

Join Us!

This is only the beginning of DiggnDeeper’s investigation into this new paradigm for providing actual education.