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“Public Education” Is A Massive Misnomer.

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Government is not public. Schooling is not education.

The desire to learn is timeless, but is also a poly-faced Cretin. The conflict with laziness and procrastination coupled with the expense of achieving an interest which could even be in error is a quest we all face – or should.

Curiosity is a natural appetite for some, but others need a bit of incentive. That impetus often comes from a need to find a way to support ourselves, or even as a means of survival. Others may just fall upon something as we go through life and happen to be exposed to things that peak an interest.

Out with the old

Some of the problems we have right now is realizing that the old guard is outdated and figuring out how to move into the reality of our future. People are going to be left behind. My prediction is that the next decade will see a huge division between those that will use the tools in front of us, and those that will not.

Things are complicated by incorrect usage of language: mandatory schooling and voluntary learning need to be defined and placed properly into our vernacular. Schooling is not education. Government is not public.

In with the new

The possibility of learning anything we want is here. We have the choice of using a combination of free, open, and paid options on demand to tailor our learning. This gives us the possibility to learn the freshest ideas from the best teachers. Both teacher and student benefit huge.

The snake in the grass

We can make these changes, but there is a price to pay. Society takes changes to its core culture very slowly, and often violently. Government schooling is embedded into the fabric of our culture. There is plenty of news of the State going after peaceful people for the dastardly crime of home education.

The hatchet in our hand

In the long run, this is a battle that has all but already been won. It’s just that the majority of the population doesn’t know it yet. With platforms like Hive and LBRY, and certainly many more to follow, we have the tools to bestow the new knowledge to others that want it. A better environment for humanity is on the horizon. A voluntary, robust and peaceful society is nearly inevitable.

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